SWANA's Legislative Task Force


The SWANA California chapters influence State legislation through a joint Legislative Task Force (LTF). The LTF acts at the local level and works to shape state and national priorities.

The goal of SWANA's LTF is to represent the interests of the solid waste profession by being a proactive advocate of environmentally and economically sound solid waste legislation and regulations.

The SWANA Chapters are responsible for advocacy on the state and regional levels and the SWANA International Office is responsible for advocacy on the federal level . The Chapters are involved in federal advocacy in terms of input on priorities and providing data and information.

The LTF has its own website at www.swanacal-leg.org. The site provides an overview of various State legislative actions, regulatory issues, newsletters, and information on the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) meetings.


SWANA monitors federal legislative and regulatory activity to keep our members informed of issues pertinent to the municipal solid waste industry. SWANA compiles three quarterly reports on litigation, U.S. legislation, and Canadian Legislation. These reports can be downloaded in the “Advocacy Reports” section of SWANA’s e-Library, accessible through our Member’s Only Site. If you are a SWANA member and would like to receive legislative information from SWANA, go to the SWANA Advocacy Page.

The International Office is proactive in offering assistance to SWANA Chapters in tracking activities at the state level and the sharing of information across Chapters on state legislative and regulatory activities. Some recent issues include work on Waste Flow Control Legislation and China's Waste Import Restrictions.