Gold Rush Chapter June 2021 Webinar - Alternative Technologies & Robotics

June 11, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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alternative technologies & Robotics

California’s policy to recover 75% of all solid waste by 2025 is ambitious. With foreign recycling markets imposing limitations and our own state recycling markets reduced, how will we get there? Join this webinar to learn about how we should be utilizing “advanced recovery technologies”, and learn about technology around robotics and artificial intelligence for sorting organics and the associated diversion economics.

Topics and Speakers Include

Diversion of Organics from Municipal Solid Waste – The Focus on Zero Waste (TORXX - Michael Drolet)

Michael Drolet is a 20-year veteran of industrial process and equipment manufacturing. Michael worked at his family’s business as operations manager for more than a decade before entered the recycling industry as a technical sales support and outsource equipment manager for a large recycling system OEM.

Joining Steinert as an application specialist in 2011, he used his years of experience in the recycling industry and system integration background to help the company build its scrap and waste business. In 2014, Michael spearheaded the Steinert solutions sales team to manage large-scope projects and heads that department until he joined TORXX’s team spring of 2020, acting now as Vice President of Product Development.

Case Study of the Environmental and Economical Benefits of Robotic Organic Bags Co-collection Vs Organic Bins Collection (Waste Robotics - Eric Camirand) 

Mr. Camirand holds a degree in Electrical Engineering (’93) from McGill University. In his junior years, Mr. Camirand piloted significant engineering projects for corporations such as Pétro-Canada, Hong Kong Airport Authorities and Canadian Airlines.

In 1994, as founder and CEO of Cinax Designs, Mr. Camirand led a cutting edge video compression software company through steady growth that culminated, in 2001, in a merger with Ravisent Technologies (NASDAQ:RVST).

Since then, Mr. Camirand has been active in the renewable energy and waste management sectors. In 2005, Mr. Camirand founded Electrigaz Technologies an engineering firm specialized exclusively in the study, design and realization of anaerobic digestion and biogas energy systems, widely recognized as a North American expert in the field of organic waste management.

In 2016, Mr. Camirand co-founded Waste Robotics Inc. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Camirand leads a young and passionate team of engineers in the development and delivery of intelligent recycling robots.

Today, Waste Robotics is a world leading technology provider that designs and delivers state-of-the-art intelligent recycling robots for various sectors of the recycling industry such as: organics diversion, C&D, fiber, plastics, tires and scrapyard recycling.

It's Time for California to ACT with Advanced Recovery Technologies (Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP - Chuck White)

Chuck White leverages over 25 years of regulatory and environmental consulting experience, providing clients integrated, strategic advice on complex issues related to environmental policy. With a strong analytic background in the waste industry, government affairs and several professional trade associations, Chuck can advise on a range of matters, including solid waste, hazardous waste, air quality and water quality public policy issues.

Chuck comes to Manatt after heading a successful professional engineering practice offering consulting services related to California state government and environmental matters. As the former director of regulatory affairs with Waste Management in Sacramento for over 20 years, he gained an intimate understanding of how federal and state government regulations can impact key stakeholders in the environmental industry, having represented the interests of the waste management industry before federal, state and local agencies. He is a registered professional civil engineer with the state of California and has served in a number of advisory roles pertaining to the development of public waste policies, permitting, remediation and enforcement.


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