Gold Rush Chapter February Webinar - Landfill Operations

February 12, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Landfill Operations

Landfill operators have safety as a top priority. Come hear about the materials accepted to the gases they can create. You’ll hear lessons learned from California’s deadliest wildfire, the November 2018 Butte County Camp Fire. How should you prepare your municipal landfill to receive fire debris? What are the labor considerations? What are some unintended consequences of accepting fire debris? We will also learn about some basic operating best practices to maintain maximum density, how to select landfill equipment, and multi-linear drainage geocomposites in replacement of gravel material and pipes.

Topics and Speakers Include

Optimization of Landfill Gas Extraction Using New Connecting System with Multi-Linear Drainage Geocomposite (Western GeoSystems - Andy Jung) 

Andy Jung is an environmental professional with over 20 years of field work, operation management and sales experience. With Western GeoSystems, his focus is on working with engineers, regulators, and contractors to provide innovative solutions for waste containment, drainage, gas collection and the reclamation and revegetation of impacted and challenging landfill and mine sites.

Equipment Issues and Best Practices in a Landfill Application (Caterpillar - Mark Welch) 

Senior Waste Industry Application & Product Specialist, Landfill Compactor Marketing Manager. Mark Welch began his career at Caterpillar in 1974 (45 years ago) as a laborer in the Aurora, Illinois, USA facility, In 1980 Mark graduated from the Caterpillar Apprenticeship Program and over the next two decades held various manufacturing and managerial positions within Caterpillar.

In 1997 Mark was promoted to Landfill Industry Specialist for the newly formed Corporate Waste Products Group, which was created to give exclusive focus to the waste industry worldwide.

Over his career Mark has traveled the world multiple times, visiting over 55 different countries, over 1000 different cities and over 2000 landfills. He has talks with managers, supervisors and operators about machines, their performance, their customer requirements and ideas for future designs and shares the knowledge acquired with others to assist them with their issues, ideas and opportunities.

Mark is assigned in Aurora, IL as the Global Waste Industry & Compactor Product Specialist and works within the Caterpillar Compactor, Wheel Dozer Product Group in Aurora, IL. Mark is also a SWANA member and MOLO certified.

The Impacts of the Camp Fire, California’s Deadliest Wildfire, on a Municipal Landfill (Butte County - Todd Storti, Eric Miller) 

Todd Storti is the former Deputy Director of the Butte County Public Works Department Division of Waste Management. Mr. Storti has 30 years of industry experience in solid waste collections, recycling, landfill operations, composting, and MRF operations. He is SWANA certified in MOLO and Compost Management. Mr. Storti is a graduate of Marquette University and is currently General Manager of the new ReSource Recovery Facility in Santa Barbara County.

Eric Miller has served as the Manager of the Butte County Public Works Department Division of Waste Management since 2016. Currently based at NRRWF, Mr. Miller has 15 years of industry experience and oversees a crew of 25. His environmental career spans nearly 30 years with stints in water resource management, groundwater conjunctive use, household hazardous waste, recycling, and solid waste landfill operations. He is SWANA certified in MOLO and Compost Management. Mr. Miller has authored numerous articles for national and regional magazines and is a graduate of the University of California-Davis and Colorado State University.


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